X Mitja Marató Illa de Menorca 2010

Einzelheiten des Wettkampfs

  • Datum: 03/10/2010
  • Laufen
  • Menorca
  • Ort: Plaça des Born
  • Ort: Ciutadella
  • Uhrzeit: 09:30
  • Angemeldete:
  • Gebühren:
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X Mitja Marató Illa de Menorca 2010

Einzelheiten des Wettkampfs

Art. 1. Organization - The “Club Xtrem Menorca Atletisme”, the FAIB Delegation in Menorca, Menorca Island Sports Council, the Ciutadella de Menorca City council, and the Menorca Tourist Product Dynamisation Programme are organising the X "Illa de Menorca" half Marathon, to be held on 3 October 2010 at 09:30 am.
Art. 2. - Distance – The distance in metres will be adapted according to the rules of the R.F.E.A. and matches the length of the official half-marathon (21,097 metres) as approved by the R.F.E.A. measuring jury.
Art.3. - Route – The race will follow an urban route and run along the seafront from the port of Ciutadella and around the old town; both the start and finish lines will be located on the Plaza del Borne in Ciutadella. The running distance is about 7,000 metres with 3 round trips required in order to complete the approved 21,097 metre distance. The service area (massages, cloakroom, W.C., bar, etc.) is located near the finish line. The circuit will be completely closed to traffic and signalled with traffic cones and tape.
Art. 4. - Categories - The categories for the 10th International Half-Marathon of the Island of Menorca are as follows :
    -See the document athached

A category is considered constituted when more than 3 athletes are registered per category; should a category include less than 3 athletes, it will be absorbed into the lower age category, never the higher age group.
Art. 5. - Minimum Age – The minimum age required in order to partake is 18 years, reached on the day of the race at the very latest. No athletes under this age are allowed to participate.
Art. 6. - Classifications – The classifications are as follows; one general absolute classification and another based on categories; winners within each category will be determined according to the order of arrival at the Finish Line and club ranking.
Art. 7. - Schedule – The race is scheduled to start at 09:30 a.m, and the maximum time allowed to complete the race is 3 hours
Art. 8. - Number allocation – The numbers will be allocated on Saturday 2 October between 11:00 h. and 20:00 h at the stand set up on Plaza del Borne in Ciutadella.
Art. 9. - Registration – Registrations must be received before 9 pm on 1 October 2010, by sending the registration form or personal details (Name and surname, address, date of birth, telephone number, ID or Passport number, club, best personal time and estimated race time) to mitjamenorca@supersonik.com, or by visiting the website www.mitjamenorca.com, or www.elitechip.es You may also register at XTREM Ciutadella and INTERSPORT shops in Menorca
     Art. 9.1. - Cost - Registrations cost 15 € until 15-sep-2010. From 16-sep-2010 to 22-sep-2010, the cost will go up to 18 € and from 23-sep-2010 to 1-Octubre-2010, to 20 €.
      Art. 9.2. - Time limit exceeded – Any registrations submitted after 1-oct-09 will cost 30 €
     Art. 9.3. - Chip rental –Any athletes who are not in possession of a Yellow Chip must pay a 3 € rental fee.
     Art. 9.4.- Payment – Payment can be made at the actual time of registration either by credit card or bank transfer on account number 2051-0094-50-1070005690 to “10th Medio Maratón Internacional Isla de Menorca”, ensuring that the names of the paying athletes are stated. Registrations will only be accepted with proof of payment . In the event that a registered athlete is unable to participate and provide a valid justification, the organization will provide an 85% refund of sign-up costs.
Art. 10.- Gift Items and Monetary Prizes – The 1st 5 ranking athletes in the Absolute general category and the 1st 3 in every other category are entitled to a prize, as are the 1st 3 clubs to qualify.
     Art. 10.1. Cash prizes for the 1st 5 athletes to qualify in the Absolute category.
     Art. 10.2. Cash prizes for the 1st 15 athletes to qualify in the Men’s category.
     Art. 10.3. Cash prizes for the 1st 10 athletes to qualify in the Ladies’ category.
     Art. 10.4. Cash prizes for the 1st 3 clubs.
     Art. 10.5. In order to qualify for the cash prizes in the Absolute category, athletes must achieve a total race time of under 1h 12 min in the Men’s category, and 1h30 min in the ladies’ category. should the minimum times required fail to be achieved, the prizes will be cancelled and only the prizes in the corresponding category may be allocated. Prizes are not cumulative.
     Art. 10.6. The organizational committee reserves the right to cancel or suspend any given category’s cash prize, if there are not more than 10 athletes registered therein.
     Art. 10.7. When participant numbers are retrieved, athletes will be given a complimentary shirt and other gifts. All athletes who complete the circuit will receive a commemorative present and be entered in a gift and sports equipment lottery. They will also receive a participation certificate stating the location of the race and ranking achieved in both general and specific categories.
Art. 11.- Security – Competition security is provided by the competent local authorities (Local Police, Civil Defence), and the security service of the organizational committee. A physician and the Red Cross will be present on site, with two ambulances placed along the path of the race.
Art. 12.- Control – The competition is overseen by a R.F.E.A. referee judge and the F.A.I.B. jury who will be in charge of monitoring and classification. the results will be validated using the ChampionChip System.
Art. 13.- The competition is covered by civil liability insurance for all of the race’s participants.
Art. 14.- Any situation not reflected in these rules falls within the reference framework of the F.A.I.B. route or, failing this, the R.F.E.A route
Art. 15.- Being registered and participating in the competition implies total acceptance of the present rules and any measures the organization deems fit for any other reason. The organization is not responsible for any situations or actions that arise outside of its competence or for which is it not directly

More informationn, web site oficial : http://www.mitjamenorca.com


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